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Welcome to Ultraslideshow Online Support Center. UltraSlideshow is an outstanding flash slide show maker that can create SWF slideshows, make flash albums, and build flash gallery.

You can get general guides on how to use Ultraslideshow from the Help document built in the program. On the main window of Ultraslideshow, click on the menu “Help > Help”, or just simply press the F1 button on the keyboard.

How many photos can be added to one slideshow?

There is no limit on the quantity of photos in one flash slideshow created by UltraSlideshow. However, the more photos you put into the slideshow, the longer it may take to encode the flash.

If you want to make a gift CD/DVD, you have to take the disc capacity into consideration. One CD-R or CD-RW is capable of storing 650 ~ 700 MB files, while one standard DVD disc is with about 4.7 GB of storage capacity.

What types of image formats are supported?

Ultraslideshow supports image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF and BMP.

Is there any way to merge a flash slideshow (in swf format) and a clip of video together?

No. UltraSlideshow does not support merging slideshow and video at present.

For an alternative solution, you can use another of our program, Photo DVD Maker. This program allows you to create multiple albums in one slideshow, including video clips.

How to change the URL on the photos?

a. Click the menu Preference > Option > General, and then change the default URL for all photos in slideshow.

change ulr

b. If you need to change URL for a certain photo or a group of selected photos, please go to the main window of the program, under the Photo tab , click the Properties button.

Change url

How to disable link?

Please go the theme -> Customize Properties panel, set Enable Link option to be False.

How to get the link open in the same window?

You can select Preference -> Options in the file menu, and select URL target as _self to get link open in the same window.

_blank: causes the link to open in a totally new browser window, leaving the page with the referring link still open behind it.

_parent: target="_parent" is similar to target="_top" but will refer to the immediate parent of a frame. In more advanced frame usage there may be several nested frames and this allows more control over which frames are specified. (It's actually something developers rarely need to use).

_self: target="_self" loads the page within the same frame as the link tag.

_top: target="_top" within a link tag causes the new page to load in the full body of the window, which is useful if you ever want to break out of the frameset you have created and have a frameless page.


How to change the font, font size and font color of the image description?

Changing the font, font size and font color of the photo description requires basic HTML knowledge.

You can put the HTML code into the box.

HTML code pattern for one-line description
<font face="Trebuchet MS" size="18" color="#00f080">Ultraslideshow</font>

HTML code pattern for multi-line description

<font face="Trebuchet MS" size="18" color="#00f080">Ultraslideshow</font><br/>

<font face="Trebuchet MS" size="16" color="#0080f0">Creating flash is full of fun.</font><br/>

<font face="Trebuchet MS" size="18" color="#00f080">And it's easy to use.</font>

More specified, please refers to this page

What kinds of music can be used as background music?

Ultraslideshow supports MP3, WMA and WAV audio formats. You can also grab sound tracks from CD as the background music.

Note that DRM protected music cannot be added to the slideshow.

How to add protected music to the slideshow?

If you need to use copy-protected music in slideshows, you can try NoteBurner Audio Converter or NoteCable Audio Converter, both of the programs can convert iTunes AAC (M4P or M4A), protected WMA, and many audio formats to MP3.

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