How to customize flash slideshow

In UltraSlideshow program, there are many options for you to customize your flash slideshow. You can take a look at the below instruction and may explore some useful ideas.

1) Edit Photo

2) Transition Effect

3) Image Description

4) Theme Customization

5) Link Customization

1)Edit Photo

Info tab: You can change the photo title in this tab. If you are not set each photo a URL, it is not suggested to set slideshow URL in the window as you have to copy and paste for each photo. (Method of Change the photo URL). So as the description setting.

Text and ArtClip : You can edit the photo by adding artclip or text to explain or make decoration of the photo.

Add artclip

2)Transition Effect

The frequently-used transition effect as below:

  • [30] Fade in
  • [53]No transition effect
  • [54]Fade to white
  • [55]Fade to black

To know how to apply transition effect to selected photos, or how to disable transition effect, you can refer to this page.

3) Image Description

In tab Photo -> Properties, you can add some text description to the slideshow. You can use HTML tags in your image description to specify the font, font size and font color you would like to use in the photo description. Please refer to this page to get more for it.

Add description to the slideshow

4)Theme Customization

Below are some usual options in the theme customized panel. Please note that due to theme features, not every options are available for all themes.

Movie Size: You can define the width and height of the flash slideshow.

Decoration: Provide you some additional animated effects, such as falling snow, drop rain, star shinning, bubble effect, and so on.

Slideshow decoration

Falling Snow Effect

Load Style : Bar or Pie

Start auto play: If you want the slideshow auto play when the webpage loading, you can select True. Some users may want the slideshow click to start, then they can select False.

Enable Link: Choose True to enable link to website when click on the photo. Otherwise, Please select False.

Ken Burns Effects: The Ken Burns Effect is usually default to True. If you don't like the Pan & Zoom effect of the flash slideshow, you may turn off it.

*The Ken Burns technique is a popular name for a type of pan-and-scan effect used in video production from still imagery.

Boarder: Options include Show Boarder, Board Color, Board Size.

Loop: The default is loop flash slideshow. If you don't like the slideshow play again and again, you can make this setting False.

5)Link Customization

Disable links: Please go the theme -> Customize Properties panel, set Enable Link option to be False.

How to get the link open in the same window?

You can select Preference -> Options in the file menu, and select URL target as _self to get link open in the same window. The default is _blank, which causes the link to open in a totally new browser window, leaving the page with the referring link still open behind it. Details refer to this page.

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