Features of Flash Banner Maker Free

Flash Banner Maker is a practical and easy-to-use online banner tool for Windows, which helps to create animated and attractive banners. As Freeware, however, Flash Banner Maker provides 60+ cool entrance and exit effects for dynamic texts, to help you make stunning flash ads or banners. By using a friendly interface, all you need to do is to add your own photos and texts, then combine them with dynamic text effects to create professional ad banners or flash intros.

Dowaload Flash Banner Maker Download Flash Banner Maker

If you want to create flash banners & intros on Mac, please refer to Flash Banner Maker for Mac.

Add Banner Background

1. Create flash banners with unique background

- You can add your own picture(BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF) to be the image background for your flash intro.

- You may also choose to add no image, but use 150+ different colors as the solid-color background for your flash intro banners.

- Dynamic text makes flash banners animated and speak out itself; you can add whatever text you want.

2. Customize flash intros & Add URL links

- Customize the size of flash banners in standard ad banner size provided, or in other size you want.

- For the text of the flash intros, you can edit the text color, the color of the text shadow, distance, angle, alpha, blur, strength, etc.

- You can add URL links for dynamic texts, which bring readers from the flash banner to target websites.

Flash Banner Maker
Flash Banner Maker

3. Add perfect text styles & animations

- 200+ types of text style are provided, which enable to add your banner message in whatever pleasant style fit for your words.

- There are 60+ types of effect for you to choose either for the text entrance effect or exit effect.

- You may also customize the effect duration, specify the loop time, etc.

4. Publish flash banners ANYWHERE

Create flash in both SWF and HTML files; and you can:

- Insert flash banners to your own website.

- Embed to other websites and blogs..

- Upload to SWF compatible websites.

- Save on computer drive.

- Share with others by email.

Flash Banner Maker

5. Easy to use

- User-friendly interface; simple and clear step-to-step toolbar; you can create flash banner in animations like a Pro even without any technical knowledge.

- Providing Preview column, which enables to preview and optimize flash intros before publishing.

- Providing choice to create both SWF flash and HTML file, which even includes the embedding code for inserting the flash animations to websites.

Tutorial: How to use Flash Banner Maker

Preparation: Download Flash Banner Maker, then install and launch it.

1: Add image background

2: Add dynamic text

3: Preview & Publish

Tips: How to Embed Flash Banner to Webpage

When the flash banner making is finished, choose to "Creat flash and Html file".

Then you'll get the following files:

Flash Banner Maker

In the Banner.html file, below the flash banner, you can get the embedding code for it.

Fkash Banner Maker

Import all the output files to your web server, then copy and paste the HTML code to any position you want in your webpage. Now all the job is done.

System Requirement

OS: Windows 7, XP and Vista, with adobe flash player 9 and above installed

CPU: Intel Pentium II Processor and above

RAM: 64 MB RAM (128MB recommended)