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Download Ultraslideshow Flash Creator and making slideshow in flash
Download free trial of Ultraslideshow Flash Creator
Version: 1.60
File Size: 31.8 MB
Release Date: November 19th, 2014

Ultraslideshow is the photo album software that helps you create photo slideshow in flash, make gift CD/DVD, and share flash slideshows in Myspace, Blogger,personal website and many other social websites.


If you want to try the easier version, please download Ultraslideshow Lite; If you want to try some kind of easy banner maker, please download Flash Banner Maker Free.

Version history of UltraSlideshow Flash Creator:

New features of Version 1.60

* Remove Go2Album service.

* Fix some minor bugs.

New features of Version 1.59

* Added browser compatibility to all HTML5 slideshow templates.

* Added 2 series of HTML5 templates: HTML5[Scroll Bar] and HTML5[Speed].

New features of Version 1.58

* Solved the running problem on Windows 8.

* Added four kinds of HTML5 templates.

New features of Version 1.57

* New version for the changed digital signature.

New features of Version 1.55

* Added two series of HTML5 templates.

* Added the solution for previewing and opening local HTML5 slideshow in Chrome and Opera.

New features of Version 1.54

* Solved the sound issue of HTML5 templates slideshow when using Firefox to open Go2Album.

* Added the function of showing name and description of the photos when using the HTML5 templates.

* Added the function of offering the options for previewing slideshow with the browsers installed in computer (Chrome excluded).

New features of Version 1.53

* Adds series of HTML5 templates for making exquisite flash slideshow compatible with HTML5.

New features of Version 1.51

* Adds web album[compact] template in Web Album Theme; add Christmas 17, 18, 19, and Father's Day template in Premium Theme.

New features of Version 1.50

* Adds 3D Flat Wall templates to bring your 3D galleries into dynamic life.

* Provides art effects for editing photos, including the effects of depth dim, wave, dist, rain, snow, wax paint, etc.

* Enables to add text in Template Editor; and choose from custom themes to direct edit on it.

New features of Version 1.48

* Adds memory function for "Customize Properties"; when using Premium templates, the program automatically saves and adjusts the customization properties.

* Adds the "Add Dynamic Text" function, which also enables the memory function for the customization properties.

* Optimizes the photo resolution; displays and saves images with higher quality.

New features of Version 1.45:

* Adds random playing feature to templates under Professional and Premium themes.

* Allows hotkey display controlling in templates under Premium theme.

* Adds new components to Template Editor.

* Adds URL feature to the thumbnails in webAlbum[carousel].

* Fixed some minor bugs in Web Album theme.

New features of Version 1.40:

* Auto checks if flash player is installed on user's computer when start the program.

* Premium flash templates: support adding more than 128 pictures; new parameters added.

* XML-driven templates support outputing multi-music files; unedited music doesn't have to be converted.

* Adds some options on the right-click menu of the added photos; changes the interface of the photo editing area.

* Advanced templates can be saved to project file now.

New features of Version 1.39:

* Adds some new Premium flash templates to Premium template.

* Adds Template Editor for editing Premium templates.

* Change the default path of downloaded Premium flash templates.

* Provides dozens of downloadable Preloaders of Premium flash templates.

New features of Version 1.38:

* Improves interface.

* Adds Premium flash templates.

* Provides online downloads for Premium flash templates.

New features of Version 1.36:

* Adds zoom in and zoom out function to most templates while slideshow shows in web browser.

New features of Version 1.35:

* Adds simple Flash templates for 32 teams of FIFA World Cup.

* Fixes some minor bugs.

New features of Version 1.30:

*Adds simple Flash templates.

*Refines the Flash encoding engine for better performance.

New features of Version 1.21:

* Adds a Sphere Panorama template named 3dGallery[PanoramaSphere].

* Modifies the templates of multicolor, thumbnailWithPicturePro and TitleScroll.

* Fixes bug concerning the transition time setting does not work for the Advanced templates.

New features of Version 1.20:

*Adds two new templates namely TitleMove and ThumbnailCarousel.

*Beautifies the program GUI.

*Modifies templates: webAlbum[ThumbnailShadow], webAlbum[Carousel] and thumbnailShadow.

New features of Version 1.19:

*Adds two new 3D templates: 3dGallery[PanoramaCube] and 3dGallery[SceneMove].

*Refines 3D templates namely 3dGallery[CurveWall], 3dGallery[Sphere] and 3dGallery[Surface].

*Adds the template parameter to enable/disable the feature to scroll photos when mouse moves.

New features of Version 1.18:

*Adds two 3D templates namely 3dGallery[Shadow] and 3dGallery[Skew].

*Adds Swedish and Hungarian language interface.

*Beautify the GUI and refined the template of webAlbum[PhotoScroll].

*Adjust the picture link for some 3D templates.

New features of Version 1.17:

*Adds two Flash templates, namely photoScroll and webAlbum[PhotoScroll].

*Fixes bug concerning the bad URL error for AD logo on the 3D templates.

*Refines the GUI and some templates for the web albums..

New features of Version 1.16:

*Decreases the output file size for some templates.

*Beautifies the new designed GUI.

*Fixes minor bugs related to some templates.

Version 1.15 released on June 02, 2009:

*New GUI for better user experience.

Version 1.15 released on April 23, 2009:

*Adds 2 cool templates namely WebAlbum[MovePhoto] and WebAlbum[SkewPhoto].

*Refines most 3D templates and fixes some minor bugs.

Version 1.13 released on April 07, 2009:

Adds 2 cool 3D templates and fixes some minor bugs.

Version 1.12 released on April 01, 2009:

Adds 5 cool 3D templates and fixes some minor bugs.

Version 1.11 released on March 25, 2009:

Adds 3 flash templates and fixes some minor bugs.

Version 1.0 released on March 01, 2009